Advisory Panel

The School’s Advisory Panel comprises experts from different walks of life. The panel provides Sanskriti Global Pre-School with guidance and advice on academic initiatives, government policies, operational strategies, social programs and other matters vital to the school’s mission.

The primacy is to ensure that the Pre-School retains its relevance with up-to-date, innovative and globally representative pre-primary education. The panel is tasked with building a ramified network of teachers and seasoned academicians who can share their expertise and contribute to the school’s mission.

About us

Sanskriti is a distinctive brand in education inextricably linked with value-based, outcome-driven education. The Pre-school is a passionate endeavour of Sanskriti Educational Society, the institution that owns and operates the immensely popular Sanskriti School. Established in the year 2004.

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Phone : +91 72070 52222 / 72071 52222 / 84660 49123

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