Age Group : 2.5-3.5

Key Areas in Curriculum :
Literacy, Numeracy, EVS
Activities involved  (Developmental Mile Stones)

Learning Outcomes


> Learn new words quickly. Most recognize and can name common objects.

> Use plurals, such as “books” for more than one book.

> Good in Fine motor skills to do things like draw with a crayon.

> Remember and retell favorite stories

> Understand words like “in,” “on,” “behind” and “next

> Ask “wh” questions, like “why,” to get more information about things

> Use the basic rules of grammar

> Follow simple three-step directions

> Copies a circle with pencil or crayon

> Turns book pages one at a time

> Identify six to eight colors and three or more shapes.

> Understand the concept of sequence

> Use numbers and count.

> Understand that pictures and objects can symbolize something else.

> Think logically. She’ll be able to classify objects by size or likeness, for instance, and to recognize patterns.

> Children should typically be able to copy vertical lines, horizontal lines and circles

> Notice the features of people and animals that make them different.

> Identify familiar signs and labels

> Shows concern for crying friend

> Understands the idea of “mine” and “his” or “hers”

>Shows affection for friends

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