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With the aim of engaging this new “ tech savvy” the curriculum IMAGO was introduced. Through this curriculum all the seven spheres of education is focused on to ensure the holistic development of every students despite their subject proficiency or ability. Classes conducted focuses on the seven spheres, i.e, CREATIVE, CRITICAL THINKING, COLLABORATION, CONCEPTUAL, CONNECTION, COMPREHENSIVE and CULTURAL.


Visual learners learn best when they see it, read it or write it

Auditory learners can perform best when they can hear the information

Auditory learners can perform best when they can hear the information

Pre-eminent 21st century pedagogy

Based on Sanskriti’s proprietary pedagogy model ‘IMAGO’

The pedagogy is based on differential learning styles

Caters to all three basic learning styles of children - Auditory | Visual | Kinesthetic

Curriculum overview to guides the class teacher

All themes are designed as expanding circles from the child to the world around him/her


Trans-disciplinary, theme-based curriculum integrated with technology – A central theme acts as a cohesive anchor to advance all the developmental domains
Experiential approach to implementing the curriculum – Emphasis on connecting concepts to real life with multiple activities
Bench marked to National & International standards-Well-researched, extensive curriculum on par with the best in the world
Geared towards school readiness- Numeracy and literacy content based on the proven ‘Singapore Early Years Program’.

Our Academic Strength

Holistic Development.
Personalized education.
Annual Development Milestones – These indicate the development the child is expected to demonstrate at the end of a class year and these are based on four fundamental development domains.

About us

Sanskriti is a distinctive brand in education inextricably linked with value-based, outcome-driven education. The Pre-school is a passionate endeavour of Sanskriti Educational Society, the institution that owns and operates the immensely popular Sanskriti School. Established in the year 2004.

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