Learning Outcomes


> Grasp of language is increasing

> Begins to form mental images for things, actions, and concepts

> Points to things or pictures when they are named

> Follows simple instructions

> Repeats words overheard in conversation

> Points to things in a book

> Says sentences with 2 to 4 words

> Names items in a picture book such as a cat, bird, or dog

> Understand order and sequence

> Understand simple time concepts

> Match similar shapes

> Starts stringing together different activities to create a logical sequenceLearn to count “1-2-3”

> The child starts to explore the environment around them. So introducing them with the objects around.

Play Group

Age Group 1.8 -2.5

Key Areas in Curriculum : Literacy, Numeracy, EVS
Activities involved (Developmental Mile Stones)

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