Pre Primary 1

Age Group: 3.5-4.5

Key Areas in Curriculum : Literacy, Numeracy, EVS
Activities involved (Developmental Mile Stones)

Learning Outcomes


> Recalls part of a story

> Speaks sentences of more than five words

> Uses future tense

> Tells longer stories

> Says name and address

> Knows some basic rules of grammar.

> Identifies sight words and able to read simple sentences with sight words and pictures/CVC words

> Learns to count backwards from 10

> Can learn to write one-digit numerals.

> Can learn to start counting up from numbers other than one

> Measures length of the objects

> When counting objects, understands “how many are there?”

> Will understand and use words representing physical relations or positions (e.g., “over,” “under,” “above,” “on,” “beside,” “next to,” “in front,” “behind,” “in,” “inside,” “outside,” “between,” “up,” “down,” top,” “bottom,” “front,” “back,” “near,” “far,” “left,” “right”)

> Can informally create 2D, 3D shapes.

> Learning how to classify, label, and sort familiar objects by a known group

> Use pencils, crayons, and markers for drawing and writing

> Express ideas and stories through pictures she draws

> Show an understanding of how writing and drawing, help us communicate and function in everyday life. Acts of caring, sharing and using magic words. Take care of their things. Keep their room or place tidy. Keep back things from where they take. Giving small responsibilities makes them happy.

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