Learning Outcomes


> Reading, writing and language:

> Alphabet, words based on phonics, speak more complex sentences, learns grammar,  understands stories(beginning, middle, end)

> Concept of print

> Develop their comprehension skills

> Begin to write stories with some readable parts

> use capital letters and full stops for their sentences

> Write several sentences about their ideas or experiences.

> Add  by counting all (using their fingers or objects), and subtract by counting backwards.

> Skip counting

> Organise objects into categories according to a variety of characteristics

> Can do quantification

> Can use ordinal numbers(1st to 5th) and identify which object is first, second, last

> Able to use comparative language such as ‘greater than’, ‘less than’ ,’equal ‘ to describe groups of objects

> Increasingly use mathematical language and linking their mathematical ideas

> Recognize shapes by matching shapes with other objects that have the same shape and size

> Uses a pencil or pen with the correct grip

> Often forms letters or numbers backwards

> Understand the importance of rules, and the simple reasons behind rules

> Understand relationships between objects

> Enjoys the opportunity to do ‘show and tell’ at school.

> Read simple picture books.

Pre Primary 2

Age Group :4.5 to 5.5

Key Areas in Curriculum :Literacy, Numeracy, EVS
Activities involved  (Developmental Mile Stones)

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